Can I Deposit Check To My Chime Account?

People still make transactions (pay employees, debt, etc) using checks. And some people might think that with all the technological advancement we have in the world of finance today, checks would soon become a faded memory.

Well i can assure you that checks are not going extinct anytime soon. And because of this fact, many banks (traditional and digital) are creating a feature on their mobile apps that enables customers deposit checks into their accounts from the comfort of their homes, this saves them the stress of going to the bank and standing in a queue.

To deposit checks, all the person needs is a smartphone with a good rearview camera.

In today’s post I will be answering the question “can I deposit a check into my Chime account?” and I will also be a few common questions people ask, keep reading to find out.

Does Chime Allow Mobile Check Deposits?

Yes, you can deposit checks into your Chime account using your mobile phone, and since its a digital bank with no physical office, all transactions are carried out online using the bank’s website or mobile app.

You can deposit checks into your Chime account using check deposit feature on your mobile app.

Now I know this looks and sounds like an easy task, and to be honest it is actually kind of easy, but only if you’re a digital native, if you’re not one I would advise you to continue reading as I explain the step by step procedures of depositing checks into your Chime account.

How To Deposit Checks On Chime

Using the mobile check deposit feature to deposit your checks into your Chime account isn’t as complicated as it sounds, you don’t have to be a geek to understand the procedure.

Just use the following steps to deposit your check:

  • Open the chime mobile app
  • Tap on the “money money” icon and then the “mobile check deposit”.
  • Choose the type of check you are depositing from the options given to you. Once you’re done with this.
  • Make sure you smoothen out the rough edges of the check, and make sure you endorse the check properly.
  • Place the check on a very flat surface, eg a desk
  • Make sure the background is well illuminated so the picture would be clear.
  • Give Chime access to take photos and record videos.
  • Make sure you focus your camera on the check well, so as to cover all the edges in the picture.
  • Take a picture of the front of the check and tap on the “use photo” icon
  • Repeat the same process for the back of the check.
  • Make sure you cross check the picture you took before tapping “deposit check”
  • Once you’ve tapped the “deposit check” icon, tap on “got it”.

Is Chime Mobile Check Deposit Safe?

Chime mobile deposit is considered as one of the most secure ways of depositing a check. Chime makes sure that all the laws regarding the security of the client account are strictly adhered to. Most times, whenever there is a security breach, the customers are always responsible. This is why the bank advices its customers to keep his/her personal information safe.

I personally advise you not to use any public WiFi whenever you want to make a transaction using your bank’s mobile app. Use a password only known to you to secure your account, and make sure your mobile phone is locked, either by using a password, facial recognition,finger print or pattern. This is the only way to avoid a security breach.

Conclusion: Can I Deposit Check To My Chime Account?

Almost every bank (traditional and digital) has created a mobile app, and has the the mobile deposit feature on their mobile app, because with this feature, it saves the customer and the bank the stress of depositing a check through the counter.

Chime mobile deposit is a very safe and secure way to pay in your checks. Please share your thoughts on this post in the comments section and share to your family and friends.