Chase Swift Code 2022

In this particular post I’ll be educating you on how to find “Chase Swift code“.

But before we go into that. I’ll like to tell you a little about Chase Bank followed by it’s swift code.

What Is Chase Bank?

Chase Bank is an American national bank, headquartered in Manhattan, New York City.

They deal with consumer and commercial banking. Chase Bank is a subsidiary of the US multinational banking and financial service holding company, JP Morgan Chase. 

It is one of the biggest banks in the US and it has branches all over the country.

Now that you have a little knowledge about Chase Bank, it’s time to tell you what a “Swift code” is.

What Is A Swift Code?

A Swift code, also known as Bank identification code (BIC), is a code used to identify the country, Bank and branch that an account is registered to.

In other words, if you own an account with a particular Bank, the Swift code is like a tracking number used to know which bank your account belongs to, It is usually used to transfer money. Swift codes act as an address for where money should be sent.

It consists of 8 – 11 characters, each section of the character describe one part of that bank.

Each bank has its own Swift code. This Swift code will be used to identify the bank branch that will hold the money you are sending.

The format of a Swift code is usually “AAAABBCCDDD” where;

  • AAAA is the bank code.
  • BB is the country code
  • CC is location of the Bank
  • DDD is optional, you can use it as the primary office.

For example, if Carling Valley Bank (CVB) has the 8 character Swift code “CVBKUS6S” “CVBK” is the bank code, “US” is the country (United States), “6S” is the location of the branch.

It is crucial to make sure that the Swift code is correct, or your money may end up in the wrong place.

What Is Chase Bank Swift Code?

From the definition above, I’m sure you now know what a swift code is. Chase Bank swift code differs.

Basically, the Bank (Chase bank) has different Bank codes, and being a subsidiary of a multinational bank, they also have an international swift code, with this international swift code you can transfer from another country to a branch of Chase in the United States.

Below are the different Swift codes(Both international and local/domestic) for transferring of funds:

Chase Bank Swift Code For International Transfer

Bank Name : JPMorgan Chase Bank NA
SWIFT/BIC Code for JPMorgan Chase Bank NA: CHASUS33
Routing Transit Number: 021000021
Bank address, City & State : JPMorgan Chase Bank NA
270 Park Avenue,
New York, NY 10017
(regardless of where your account is located)
Beneficiary Account Number : Your complete JPMorgan Chase Bank NA account number
(including leading zeros)
Beneficiary Name:
The name of your account as it appears on your statement

Chase Bank Swift Code For Local/Domestic Transfers

Bank Name : JPMorgan Chase Bank NA
Wire Transfer Routing Number : 021000021
Account Holder Name : Your Name
Account Number : Your Bank Account Number
Bank Address, with City & State: JPMorgan Chase Bank NA
270 Park Avenue,
New York, NY 10017
(regardless of where your account is located)

Conclusion: Chase Swift Code

Above are the ways to get ur swift code for any transaction in Chase Bank.

Please always make sure to cross-check the swift code before completing the transfer to avoid sending it to the wrong person.

I hope that this article has been really helpful.

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