Chime Withdrawal Limit 2022

Chime is a financial technology company that belongs to The Bancorp Bank or Central National Bank.

It provides financial services to its members, the Bank provides service like automated savings, Chime Visa debit cards among a list of others.

However, the Bank lacks one important area, they do not have a physical branch or any physical ATM.

This means that all transactions carried out with the bank must be done online.

If you own an account with Chime you have to perform all your transactions online, and if you want to withdraw your funds you have to use ATM.

But Chime has made sure that this doesn’t cause any of its members any sort of discomfort by partnering with both Moneypass and Visaplus, the combination provides over 38,000 fee -free ATMs for its(Chime), members.

How to find a Chime ATM

To find an ATM that allows fee – free withdrawal, you have to use the Chime official website or the Chime mobile app.

Once you login into either the website or mobile app, you will find the ATM map located on the bottom right corner of the screen.

This map will direct you on how to get to ATMs near your current location as well as retail merchants that offer cash back.

Retailers such as CVS, Target, Walmart and more offer cash back.

Chime withdrawal limit

Because Chime does not have a physical branch.

Their withdrawal limit varies depending on where you withdraw your funds from.

You can withdraw cash from Different sources.

Over-the-counter withdrawal

If you enter any bank and submit your Chime debit card to a teller over the counter.

You would be allowed to make a withdrawal of any amount from your account.

Chime will charge you a service fee of $2.5 and this isn’t included in the amount the bank or credit Union you’re withdrawing from will charge you.

Please note that you cannot withdraw more than $2,500 per day.

Cash back at point of sale

If you cash back at any of the various retail merchants partnering with Chime bank. You will be allowed a cash back from $100.

Although it depends on the particular retailer you’re withdrawing from.

Some retailers only allow cash back of $40. The various retail merchants include Target, Walmart and CVS amongst others.

Withdrawal at ATMs

If you’re withdrawing from either a Moneypass or an ATM that accepts Visa debit cards, you will be able to withdraw the sum of $500 per day and there would be no service charge.

However, if you use an out of network ATM (an ATM that doesn’t accept Visa debit cards), you will be charged a service fee of $2.5 for every withdrawal made, and this charge is different from the service fee the particular ATM you’re withdrawing from will charge you.

Please note: No matter the means of withdrawal. All Chime debit card users are only limited to the withdrawal $2,500 per day.

Conclusion: Chime Withdrawal Limit

Chime is an online banking platform that aims to make transactions easy and safe for all its members.

If you want a stress free Bank I’ll recommend Chime to you.

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