Does Disney Own Sony?

The Walt Disney company is a very popular media and entertainment company based in the United States of America. It was founded on the 16th of October 1923, as a world wide business. It is headquartered at the Walt Disney  complex in Burbank, California.

The mission of this great company is “to use outstanding stories to amuse,  enlighten, and inspire people all over the world. And they have been achieving their mission…

Rumors concerning Disney and Sony have  been trending… and questions like “does Disney own Sony?” eventually came up.

In today’s article I’ll be giving you a detailed answer to the aforementioned question and I will also be adding other very important information about the two business conglomerates, keep reading…

Does Disney own Sony

Disney and Sony are both independent multinational entertainment industries that are very successful in their field.

So the answer is NO, Disney do not own Sony, and are not even trying to acquire the entertainment company.

Although both companies recently signed a “content licensing agreement” in 2021.

With this agreement, every theatrical movie made by Sony would be released on all Disney owned platforms.

Companies that belong to Disney

Disney is one of the biggest entertainment conglomerate in the world. It owns so many entertainment franchises around the world, some of which are;

  • ESPN (80% shares)
  • Touchstone Pictures
  • Marvel
  • Pixar
  • Hollywood Records
  • Core Publishing
  • National Geographic Networks
  • FX Network etc.

This giant entertainment industry makes no less than 20 billion dollars in revenue from the franchises listed above in a year…

Does Disney own Amazon?

No, Disney has not and can not acquire Amazon. Amazon is a public liability trading company (PLC). This means it cannot be owned by another company.

The two business conglomerates are friendly competitors in the digital entertainment sector. They both sell movies and music on their individual company website.

Does Disney own Columbia pictures?

Columbia pictures is a subsidiary of Sony pictures, and Sony pictures is also a subsidiary of the multinational Sony corporation of Japan. So the answer is NO, Disney do not own Columbia pictures because they already belong to Sony.

Why can’t Sony be acquired by Disney?

Disney might never be able to acquire Sony because Sony is much more bigger than Disney, their revenues in a year is mind blowing so I don’t think they will be willing to sell their company.

Additionally, Disney have already acquired a lot of big companies within the entertainment sector and beyond in the last 10-15 years, so trying to acquire another company like Sony pictures would raise a lot of suspicion.

A brief information about Sony pictures..

Sony pictures is an American multinational entertainment studio that, produces, distributes, and acquires filmed entertainment. It is regarded as one of the “big five” American film studios.

The entertainment studio has produced so many great movies, some of which are:

  • Spider Man series
  • Ghostbusters series
  • Jumanji series
  • Men in Black series

Amongst a list of other great movies….  This entertainment studio is a subsidiary of the multinational Sony corporation.

Who owns Sony pictures?

Sony pictures is a subsidiary of the multinational Sony corporation of Japan.

Sony corporation is a multinational business conglomerate, it’s headquarters is in Minàto, Tokyo, Japan. This great corporation major in four key business sectors, they include

  1. Sony electronics (PlayStation, Sony phones, etc…)
  2. Sony music entertainment.
  3. Sony pictures entertainment
  4. Sony financial services

In 2018, this giant conglomerate made an estimated sum of $94 billion in revenue from its business sectors.


Disney and Sony are two giant business conglomerates that are doing excellently well in their various Fields, so it is highly unlikely that one would try to purchase the other.

I hope this article has been helpful in answering your question. Please leave your thoughts about this post the comments section…