How To Delete Venmo Account 2022

Venmo is one of the most popular online payment platforms in the United States.

It is owned by the leading global  payment platform PayPal.

This platform was created to split dinner bills at restaurants, pay for goods and services, amongst other things.

Sometimes, a person can just decide not to use venmo anymore.

If you make that decision to stop using Venmo, it is advisable that you delete your account.

But can you?, Well in today’s article, I will be answering that question and also be showing you how to do it, just stick around a little.

Can I delete my Venmo account?

Yes you can, but to delete your account, you’ll have to go to their official website using your desktop computer, laptop or Android phone as Venmo doesn’t allow its users to delete their accounts through the Venmo App.

And before you proceed with deleting your account, make sure you download a copy of your transaction history before you delete your account, because it will be erased along with the rest of your Data.

Also, if you have any funds left in your Venmo wallet, make sure you transfer it to your bank, if not the money will not be refunded.

How to delete your Venmo account

To delete your Venmo account, follow the steps below:

  1.  Go to your preferred browser and go to the Venmo’s official website.
  2. Login using your email, phone number, or username and password.
  3.  If you’ve successfully logged in, select “settings
  4.  Scroll to the bottom of that particular page and select “close my account“. Incase you have not transferred the money out of your account, make sure to do that by going to “manage balance” the click “transfer bank” and chose the bank you want to transfer the funds to, follow the procedures to transfer the money out of you Venmo account.
  5.  Before deleting make sure to download your transaction history by selecting “Download CSV“. It would be downloaded in a PDF format.
  6.  Once you’ve done that select “next”, a final page will load to make sure that you really want to close your Venmo account. If you’re sure, then go ahead by clicking “close account“. Once you’re done, Venmo will send you a confirmation email letting you know that your account is deleted.

Can I delete my Venmo with my iPhone?

NO, you cannot delete your Venmo account with your iPhone or any other smartphone. Venmo only allows it users to delete their accounts through the website.