How To Deposit Cash At An ATM

Despite the fact that digital banking is on the rise on a daily basis, there are still areas where traditional banking is still relevant, one of which is depositing cash at an ATM. Good day ladies and gentlemen,

In today’s segment we’ll be talking about “how to deposit cash at an ATM”.

How to deposit cash at an ATM

Depositing cash at an ATM is pretty straightforward and easy.

Though not all ATMs allows you to deposit cash.

Depositing cash at an ATM saves you the stress of entering the bank, filling a deposit slip, and standing in a queue just to deposit cash.

The process (depositing cash at an ATM) depends on the financial institution you’re banking with.

Below are the steps you need to take when depositing money at an ATM.

1. Find any ATM close to you that allows cash deposits, to find one, use your Bank’s website or mobile app.

2. Access your account: While some banks like Chase will allow a cardless ATM access through the use of a mobile wallet.

Most ATMs would require you to use your debit card and PIN to access your account.

3. Choose the transaction: After you have successfully logged in on the ATM, you may see several transaction options on the screen.

Choose the deposit option to begin the process.

You may also need to choose the specific account which you’ll be making a deposit, if you have more than one account.

4. Insert bills into the ATM: Enter (type) the amount you wish to deposit on the screen, then insert the same exact amount (cash) into the ATM, make sure sure it’s the exact amount.

Now some banks allow you to put cash directly to the ATM while some banks provide you with envelopes to use for your deposit.

If the bank you are using provides an envelope, check to see if you are required to fill out any information on the envelope itself before proceeding to slot it into the ATM.

5. Collect your receipt: once you have successfully deposited the cash, and your transaction is complete, make sure you print your confirmation receipt, incase any unforeseen issue rises up, you can use it for reference purpose.

Also make sure you collect your debit card (if you made use of it) back from the ATM before you leave the the ATM stand.

Once you’re done, your funds could reflect in your account immediately after the transaction or not, depending on your bank.

But one thing is for sure and that is, your money would be in your account, ready for use within 48 hours, no matter the bank.