How To Fill A Deposit Slip

Filling out a deposit slip depends on your bank.

In some banking slips, you might have your account number and name on it, while in other slips, you’ll have to in this information yourself.

Heres another blog post where I will be enlightening you about “how to fill a deposit slip“.

But before we talk about that, what is a deposit slip?

What is a deposit slip?

A deposit slip is a piece of paper that a person needs to fill when depositing cash into an account in the Bank.

In other words, whenever you walk into the banking Hall to pay money into someone’s account, you will be asked to fill the deposit slip first before you would be attended to by the teller behind the counter.

Now that you know what a deposit slip is, time to dive into the topic of the day.

How to fill a deposit slip

Filling a deposit slip is pretty straightforward and easy, all you have to do is to make sure that you fill in the correct information on the slip.

To fill a bank deposit slip, use the following steps below.

1. Write the date.

Always ensure you write the day, month, and year you are filling the deposit slip.

2. Fill in the cash amount.

The amount in question refers to the total currency you are depositing into your account. It could be coins, cash, or checks.

3. List the checks.

Below the cash box section is another box used to fill in checks.

Write the check number and amount individually in this box. But if you are not depositing any checks, leave this section void.

4. Write the subtotal                                   

At the bottom of the cash amount section, you will see a subtotal box.

Calculate the total amount of checks or cash you are depositing, write the total in the subtotal section.

5. Fill the withdrawal amount.                   

This section was made in case you need to withdraw any cash back from your deposit.

For example, if you are only depositing checks into your account you might want to get some cash back so you can save yourself the stress of coming back to withdraw later.

If you do not want to we draw any cash you can leave this section empty.

6. Fill in the total deposit.

Total deposits refers to the amount you are depositing into your account minus the cash you are taking back.

If you withdraw any cash from one depositing you will have to fill in the total deposit box.

7. Sign.

Last and most importantly, sign the deposit slip if you want to get any cash back from your deposit.

If you are only depositing money and do not want to get any cash there won’t be any need to sign the deposit slip.


Do you now know how to fill a deposit slip now?.

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