NetSpend ATM Withdrawal Limit 2022

In this piece we’ll be talking about NetSpend ATM withdrawal limit. Now before we go into the topic of the day let’s find out what is Netspend and how it works.

What is NetSpend ATM?

Netspend ATM is a prepaid debit card that serves as an alternative to the traditional bank credit cards and debit cards. Getting this card is pretty easy, all you have to do is to send an to email NetSpend, the email should contain your and, address and security number. Once they get your information, the company processes it and mail you the customized debit card.

To activate your netspend debit card, you can either go online to their website or call their customer service representative. After activating the card you can load the card with funds. All NetSpend cards are operated by Visa and MasterCard.  

Now we have an idea of what NetSpend stands for and how to get a NetSpend card. Let dive right in to the topic of the day.

NetSpend ATM withdrawal limit

NetSpend allows its customers to make a maximum ATM withdrawal of $325 at a Walmart store, and you can only withdraw six times every 24 hours.

If you want to make a withdrawal with your NetSpend card at any ATM, your daily withdrawal limit would be set at $940.

The overall withdrawal limit for NetSpend in a month is $4,999.99. If you ask me that a pretty high limit for a month. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll hit that limit in a month.

This limits are practical for all types of accounts and account balance in NetSpend. These are the ATM withdrawal limit for NetSpend.


The answer is YES, NetSpend do charge for every transaction you make at a Walmart store. You are charged about $3.75 for every transaction you make at a Walmart store. Although sometimes the charges may differ, that depends on the location of the Walmart store you’re making a withdrawal at.


NetSpend is a very reliable prepaid debit card. And partnering with Visa and MasterCard makes it one of the best debit cards because you can use at any ATM that accepts Visa and MasterCard (which is almost every ATM in the US). If you have any questions please share it with us in the comments section and share with your family and friends.