TD Bank Swift Code 2022

TD Bank is one of best banks in the US. It is the 7th largest Bank by deposit and the 11th largest Bank in the United States by total assets.

It operates in over 15 states in the US and has over 26,000 employees across the various branches.

But the shocking part about this is that this bank is just a subsidiary of the Canadian multinational Toronto-Dominion Bank.

Just imagine how large the bank is if a subsidiary has achieved so much in the US.

But that’s not the topic of today. Today we’ll be talking about the SWIFT code for TD Bank.

What is a SWIFT code?

A SWIFT/BIC code is used to identify the country, bank and branch that an account is domiciled.

They act as an address for where money should be sent. It consists of 8 – 11 characters, each character describes one part of the Bank.

I’m simpler terms, a SWIFT code is used when you want to make an international money transfer.

For instance, if you reside in Canada and you want to send funds to your parents who lives in the United States, you’ll need your parent’s bank SWIFT code, because the SWIFT code would help you identify the particular bank branch you’re making the transfer to.

Now what is the SWIFT code for TD Bank?

TD Bank SWIFT code

Toronto Dominion Bank is a multinational bank so, it has different SWIFT codes for all its subsidiaries cut across the world.

The general SWIFT code for TD Bank is TDOMCATTOR.

This is the TD Bank international SWIFT code and it applies to all branches.

And if you don’t feel satisfied with the SWIFT code above you could always visit usbanklocations to get the SWIFT code for your particular country.

Just Visit www.usbanklocations . There you will find a list of all the TD bank branches and their SWIFT codes.  NRTHUS33 is the SWIFT code for making any international transfer to any TD Bank account in the United States.

Is there a difference between SWIFT and BIC?

SWIFT us just the name of the overall system and BIC is the code used for the system.

Both SWIFT and BIC work side by side to give you more details about what a code is. In other words, if you request for a SWIFT or BIC, you’ll still get the same 8 – 11 digit code.

Why do I need the TD Bank SWIFT code?

Anytime you want to make an international money transfer to a TD Bank account or if someone wants to transfer to your TD Bank account, you will be asked to provide a SWIFT/BIC code along with other details like the Bank address.

Without the TD Bank SWIFT code it is impossible to make an international money transfer, unless you want to use an online payment platform.