How To Put Airpods In Pairing Mode

The aim of writing this post is to teach you how to put airpods in pairing mode.

However, during the course of this article, I will be explaining to you all the key details that you need to know about how to put airpods in pairing mode.

Therefore keep on reading and follow the simple steps by step guide on this article.

It’s unfortunate that some individuals don’t actually know the how to pay their airpods with their different devices.

Think about that for a minute, if you happen to be among the individual who find it difficult to put their airpods in pairing mode.

Then keep following this post closely because we are about to get to the best part on how to put your airpods in pairing mode.

Moving forward, it is important that you posses an Apple device or gadget.

The main purpose of the Apple Airpods pairing mode is to allow it’s users to wirelessly connect their aripods to their various Apple devices such as their Iphones, Ipads, Macbook etc.

They can wireless connect their airpods to their Apple devices that is bluetooth enabled, or to their Apple gadgets that is not linked to their icloud accounts.

Can Airpods Be Connected To Non-Apple Devices?

Sadly, the original Apple airpods cannot be connected to Non-Apple gadgets, however you can connect the imitation airpods on Non-Apple gadgets such as Android, Laptops etc.

Now let’s move into the focus of this post which is how to put Airpods in pairing mode

How To Put Airpods in Pairing Mode

The process of putting airpods in pairing mode is that difficult, this section will be be emphasizing on the step by step guide to follow if you want to successfully put your airpods I pairing mode.

1. Insert the airpods into it’s charging case.

2. Ensure that the lid of the charging case is open.

3. Next, press and hold the set up button at the back of the airpods charging case.

4. When you notice that the status light has switched to white, then it’s obvious that your airpods have entered Bluetooth pairing mode.

Now that you have successfully put your airpods in pairing mode, you can then proceed and connect your gadget to it.

However if your Apple airpods won’t connect, this post have equally got you covered.

Apple Airpods Won’t Connect

If you are having a hard time connecting your Apple airpods to your Apple device, this section will help you out.

However if your airpods is of the 2nd generation, ensure that your Mac is running on MacOS 10.14.4 or later.

But if your airpods is of the 1st generation, ensure that your Mac is running on a MacOs or later.

Let’s proceed, Select Apple Menu > Click System Preferences > Select Bluetooth.

If you notice that your airpods are among the lists of devices found but won’t connect, then remove your airpods from that list and do the following:

1. Choose your airpods from the list of devices found.

2. Tap on the X on the right of your airports.

3. Next, add your airpods to the list of devices in Bluetooth Preferences.

4. Insert airpods into their charging case.

5. Ensure to open the lid of your charging case.

6. From the list of devices found, select your airpods and select ‘Connect’.

If you have tried the above listed step by step guide and your airpods is having difficulty in pairing with your device then it is very advisable that you totally reset your airpods.

Conclusion: How To Put Airpods in Pairing Mode

At this point I’m very sure that you have totally understood how you can successfully put airpods in pairing mode.

Do make sure that you thoroughly go through the above step by step guide so that your won’t make any mistakes.

I hope that the above listed method works out well for you.